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Galentines Table Setting


Galentines Table Setting “Yes you can”. we are here you show you how. 

When hosting a large dinner party, the challenge often lies in transforming your space to not only accommodate your guests but also to create a delightful and memorable atmosphere. 

Here are the initial steps to crafting an exquisite table setting.

The beginning might not be glamorous, but it’s crucial.

Embrace Fold-Up Tables and Tablecloths: These are our friends😊 They are essential tools for comfortably fitting additional guests.

When hosting larger gatherings, we often merge mismatched tables to accommodate our guests. In this case, we used three 30” x 72” tables and filled in the gap in the center with a solid tri-fold white presentation board. This might not look pretty, but once covered by your tablecloth, no one will be the wiser. – Tip: just watch it won’t be a spot where a plate setting will be.

This is where tablecloths become invaluable. White is a versatile choice, complementing various décor styles, and can be easily laundered afterward.

Now it’s time to start pulling the look together – starting with the pretty items: table runners, bud vases, and flowers. Here’s what to do…Go on then!!!

Table Runners: A stylish runner down the center of a plain white tablecloth can elevate the entire look, reducing the need for a lot of additional decorations. We prefer to go neutral or bold with a classic black. This time we opted for a black runner.

Floral Arrangements: Managing costs with flowers can be challenging. Opt for small bud vases rather than a large vase with a full bouquet. This approach allows for the purchase of more affordable, smaller floral arrangements. Trim them to fit and scatter them across the table, creating an inviting ambiance that also encourages easy conversation.

Bud Vases: We found a fantastic vintage look that comes in a set – very budget-friendly.

Now let’s get styling!

Effortlessly blend modern elegance with traditional charm, adding a subtle hint of femininity to your table setting without it feeling overly girly.

Candle Holders: When you find candle holders that you’re drawn to and they’re reasonably priced, consider buying two sets. This is an economical way to enhance your table’s ambiance. We especially love this amazing set of black holders – they will complement many decor styles.

LED Candles: Not only are they a safer alternative, but modern LED candles also add a cozy glow to your setting.

Mini Lights: They are a fantastic way to add a touch of sparkle to your table, and they’re incredibly affordable. And can be used over and over. – P.S. Don’t forget the batteries. Let’s style your place setting – We got you. An elegant plate setting that blends style and practicality, making every meal special.

We love to turn the design dial up a little when setting a table. Charger plates elevate the look without making the table appear cluttered or occupying valuable space – something we all understand is crucial when hosting large gatherings. We have a particular fondness for these stainless chargers from Crate and Barrel, as they seamlessly blend with any style.

Napkins serve both as decorative elements and practical accessories. Explore various creative ways to style them – we particularly adore the elegant waterfall design cascading from the plate.

Invest in Dishware: If your budget allows, purchase two sets of dishes and glasses. This ensures you’re always prepared for larger gatherings and have replacements for any accidental breakages. Remember, your favorite designs may not always be available in-store, so it’s wise to have backups. Layer your place setting with a stylish appetizer plate. – Homesense is a great option to pop in and find something new. Paying attention to the small details can significantly enhance the overall appeal and impact of table settings, creating an inviting and memorable atmosphere.

Cutlery: Use your best cutlery, and if you’re in the market, buying an additional set is wise as we all know cutlery often goes missing😊

Glasses: Vintage glasses lend a formal yet unfussy elegance.

Personalized Place Cards: Go beyond mere name tags. Include a personal message or a friendly quote about friendship. If you have a printer at hand, these place cards can add a meaningful touch to your gathering. 

The dining chairs from Rove Concepts, with their sleek and elegant curves, add a touch of modern sophistication to your dining space. On the other hand, for a more laid-back style, the chairs from Article offer excellent value and adaptability to various environments.  

You’ve completed all the preparation, and your hard work has paid off—your table looks stunning. Now, simply pull up your chairs, enjoy the evening.  

                                                                                                       The KLC kreativ team

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